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nodisasters.com LLC

nodisasters.com LLC is a central Indiana/Indianapolis based corporation focused on technology to solve everyday problems.

Custom Software Development

We have many years experience in software development and are able to provide custom hardware and software solutions including:

  1. Wirelessly monitoring one to hundreds of devices such as flow meters, digital and analog I/O and all types of rs232 reporting devices.
  2. Wirelessly being able to turn off/on remote devices.
  3. Using cell phone technology to remotely control/monitor any of the devices listed above.
Custom circuit board with micro, RF module, 10 amp relay, and serial port

Wireless Embedded Applications

We have the ability to create hardware and software for low cost short range wireless monitoring and control of devices. We also have the ability to transmit messages anywhere using an add-on cell phone module. The ability to integrate cell phone messaging allows you to use your cell phone to turn devices on and off, from almost anywhere, and get reports from the remote device(s).

We use industry standard wireless mesh technology. This allows us to use other monitoring/controller nodes as repeaters to bounce messages from one node to another until the message reaches the targeted node. This means that monitoring and controller nodes don't need to be powerful enough to communicate directly with the target node.

The technology is also self-healing meaning you can remove nodes and it will figure out a path to the target node as long as there are nodes that can be used as relays to get the message to the target.

Example Applications

  • Work zone sign on/off by cell phone. Have the main workzone sign have one of our modules with an add-on cell phone module. Each inner work zone sign would only have the basic module (not the cell module). A construction manager could turn the workzone signs on/off via cell phone.
    Our wireless debugger tool
  • Water/power meter reading. Place one of our modules at each house. They transmit the data from one house to the other until it gets to the central collection system which is tied in to the internet or has a cell phone module. That saves a huge amount of money because you don't need a cell module at each house.
  • Senior monitor system. Have one of our modules at important places around the house. When the module detects movement it bounces messages off the other modules in the house to the main controller which records that there has been movement. If no movement has been detected in a few hours it sends a text to someone that they should check on them.

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