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The service is based on the life experiences of Jim Young.

Jim has a BS in Computer Science from the University of South Dakota.

He has worked at a large elecronics manufacturing company for over 21 years with the following responsibilites:

  • Software Engineer - developing software for custom manufacturing machines
  • System Administrator for Windows and other servers
  • System Administrator for departmental PCs
  • Sofware consultant

Many hours were spent diagnosing problems associated with changes that had been made to manufacturing machines due to operator error or viruses.

Also, many of the owners of the manufacturing machines had no backups of the machines.  When a machine's hard drive would fail or the operating system became unusable,  it could take up to two weeks or longer to get the machine running again.

Jim discovered that with good backups, you no longer needed to spend hours figuring what changed that made the machine unusable.  You simply restored the system to a time when it was working properly.

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