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Woody 4

Woody 4 Snow Shovel With Student Advertising Kit

Want to earn extra cash for college or general fun? Try our Woody 4 Snow Shovel with Student Advertising Kit

Woody 4 Snow Shovel

The Woody 4 Snow Shovel allows you to shovel snow at up to 10 times faster than you can with a traditional snow shovel. One of the shovels is used by a 52 year old to shovel his 900 ft driveway!

The Woody 4 has an easily adjustable front blade with two settings. The lower setting can be used on pavement. The higher setting is used on gravel. It raises the blade about 3/8 inch and helps keep the shovel from picking up stones.

The Woody 4 is very nice to look at and would look great in your garage or in your yard!

Advertising Kit

The Advertising Kit includes a 8.5 by 11 inch lawn sign to put in your yard. The sign will let your neighbors know that you want to shovel their snow and how to reach you. Most people are glad to help students earn money!

Woody 4

"Pulling is easier than pushing" - Lee Iacocca

Only $99.95

Available in Central Indiana. Free delivery to your door. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Questions: 317-565-2752

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